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PVE Capital is a specialist alternative investment manager in credit and fixed income markets. Industry-recognised credit expertise and a large network of relationships enables the firm to source and unlock value in hard-to-reach market segments.

About PVE

PVE Capital LLP (“PVE”) is a European alternative investment firm focused on sourcing, identifying and capturing alpha from opportunities in a range of public and private credit markets that span the liquidity spectrum for global institutional investors.

Since inception, PVE has successfully navigated a series of volatile credit cycles, along the way winning a number of industry performance awards in European special situations and liquid credit.

PVE Capital LLP About

Approach & Process

The investment team takes an active and consistent approach to credit management, employing an intensive and diligent investment selection and trading process, which aims to uncover value by identifying and exploiting credit market price inefficiencies.

Relationships deliver deal flow, whilst a selective approach to portfolio acquisition often results in exclusive exposure to high quality assets. The investment process is underpinned by robust, disciplined and proactive risk management and operational control functions.

PVE Capital LLP Approach & Process

Team & Experience

The PVE investment team has worked together for more than a decade. The team’s wide-ranging investment experience encompasses structured credit, loans and liquid credit trading, as well as fundamental and quantitative credit analysis.

As an industry pioneer, PVE has led the way as a successful buyer and structurer of credit investments, creating and managing securitisation vehicles to allow investor participation in rewarding special situations opportunities.

"Each member of PVE’s investment team possesses a highly specialised skill to credit investing. The team uses a collaborative approach, bringing together the complementary and varied skill sets."

Gennaro Pucci

CIO & Founder

Investment Strategies

PVE offers investors a diverse range of credit and fixed income strategies that are available to investors as either commingled funds or managed accounts. These include:

PVE Capital LLP Investment Strategies

News, Press & Awards

This article addresses the upcoming opportunity PVE sees in the Italian NPL market heading into 2017.

Gennaro Pucci, CIO and founder of European credit-focused manager PVE Capital, analyses Italy’s current economic woes and the evolving interest in NPLs

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