PVE is pleased to announce that it was awarded the “Credit Fund – Long Term Performance Award” at the Investors Choice Awards 2016

This is the second award this year following on from The HedgeFund Journal UCITS 2016 Award’s Best Performance over 2 years for Corporate Credit Strategy – under 100 million strategy assets category. Given the difficult market conditions encountered in 2015, these results made us very proud.

The award acknowledges consistent outperformance and is a tribute to the firm’s enduring ability to manage complex credit strategies. The success is a testament to PVE’s ability to search for value and deliver returns through different credit cycles.

PVE is also very proud of the nominations for the Pearl Vega Fund and Credit Value UCITS, both in the category “Credit Fund of 2015″.

The Investors Choice Awards highlighted PVE Capital’s management skills and dependability in generating returns across both the cycle and the credit products spectrum.


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